Ask yourself:

  • Are you prepared to care for your family and loved ones, no matter what?
    (even if a tornado, hurricane, flood, economic crisis or pandemic hits?)
  • Do you know what to do, eliminating costly mistakes and exactly where to go as that happens?
  • Do you have a food plan, an idea of the land you need and where to find it?

Marjory Wildcraft can help!

Let internationally renowned Food Production and Survival Expert Marjory Wildcraft enlighten and powerfully inform you towards your family’s preparedness and safety.  Marjory has a passion for helping others by sharing her long-researched knowledge and skills.  Over a quarter million people have gone to Marjory for help in improving their preparedness and setting up their self sufficient lifestyle!

Marjory’s Report is the Fast Track to the Ideal Retreat

Jerry Diamond, Ozarks“The information in the 7 Shortcuts ebook is extremely useful for those looking to find the perfect place for their family during the coming crisis.  Marjory’s information is hard won from years of experience living the prepper lifestyle.”

– Jerry D., The Ozarks


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Survival Retreat

Get Marjory’s 7 Shortcuts to Finding the Perfect Survival Retreat.

This Report is Full of Essential Information Like:

  • The 3 simple steps to finding your perfect retreat
  • The biggest mistake people accidentally make
  • The Top 9 Regions in the USA for Self-Reliance
  • How to know if the land you choose can support you.
  • What Natural Resources do you need to look for?

Get Peace of Mind and the Valuable years of Marjory’s Know How

Her Relocation Shortcuts report has helped people nationwide.

Beth Taylor

“Marjory’s great E-book showed us several fatal flaws in properties we initially thought were ideal! We also saw how to evaluate the pros and cons of what lifewould be like in each location.”
– Beth T., Central Texas

What OUTCOME Will the Relocations E-Book Bring You?

– You’ll know the 3 best tools a prepper needs
– You’ll know how to look for the region that’s right for you.
– You’ll know what the ultimate “Best Answer” is to choosing your perfect location
– You’ll know the important things to look for in a Survivalist Community
– You’ll know Marjory’s secrets to Realtors

How do I know that the Relocations E-Book is right for me?

This report is optimally for people who:
– Can live anywhere (you have an independent income stream).
– Want to stay within the US
– You feel the collapse could be long-term; years, decades, or generations.
(If you only preparing for a few weeks or months, you can ride that out almost anywhere).

Let’s be realistic about time vs money…

If you had to put in the time and energy finding the info in this report on your own –
it could take weeks or months! Plus, how would you know that you weren’t missing something important?

Many have paid $197 for this report.

Even at $97 this report is a bargain.  It’s a fraction of the cost of my consulting rate.

If you are smart enough, and motivated enough to be relocating your family to a safer place, then you are someone I want to know and I’ll give this to you for

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I want to be self-reliant… How do I get the e-book?

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PS: Want some really good news?
Moving to a simpler lifestyle and living off the land is incredibly wonderful!